Electronic Equipment Cases

From Seismograph – EchoPro with LCD (pictured above), to GoPro Camera Cases, to Satellite Phone Boxes

Whether its fashioning a great GoPro camera case, with room for some accessories, or providing a case that will serve as a lifelong storage container for hi-fi audio equipment, S3 has the experience and capability to create great electronics cases. We’ve worked with some of the leading electronics manufacturers (Shure Inc, All Road Communications, Audio Bauer Pro AG, etc) and we excel in protection and multi-use functionality.

Electronic equipment can be easily damaged by dust and dirt, inadvertent shocks, and more.  Our cases are made of a hard plastic outer shell, with custom foam insert cutouts that cradle your expensive and valuable gear.  Our products are used in many different industries and multiple types of active situations.  Whether you need to protect your iPhone while on deployment with the military or your SM-58 Shure mic for your band’s tour, our cases will protect your key electronics better than anyone else.

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