All Purpose Hard Cases

In keeping with a tradition of excellent case manufacturing, S3 Cases proudly manufactures all-purpose hard cases and hard shipping cases that specifically meet your needs. Whether it’s an all-purpose small plastic box with foam lining that you need, or a shipping hard case with custom cut foam, we’re happy to help you.

An all-purpose hard case solution might be the best option for your gear. These small plastic boxes are great from convenience, protection, and ease of use. These cases might be perfect as:

  • Dry boxes for water sports, hiking or
  • Protective cases for audio, video and photo equipment
  • Protection for testing equipment, or field use
  • Many more applications!

Like our full hard case line, these small plastic boxes are customizable for your specific application. Contact us today to find out how easy it is deliver the perfect case for your product.


Shipping product can be a nightmare if you haven’t worked with a proper case manufacturer to ensure that the case is the perfect fit for your needs and your consumers’ needs. S3 has been making hard shipping cases for years, and there’s no challenge we won’t find a way to resolve. Our high-quality plastics provide superior protection. Our foam inserts are customized exactly to provide the protection you need.

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