Custom Foam Inserts

XB-653-300One of the key reasons our cases are so successful at protecting our customer’s valuable equipment is the high quality custom foam inserts we use. For our large cases, S3 Cases uses open-cell polyurethane foam in a 1/2 inch grid configuration. Polyurethane foam is a widely used material that appears in mattresses, car seats, medical dressings, soundproofing systems, and so many more.  It is a low heat conduction coefficient, low density, low water absorption, relatively good mechanical strength substance. Soft and non-abrasive, this packing grade material can be easily separated by hand to fit around any object; it is a charcoal, pick-and-pluck foam which is perfect for creating snug, specialized shapes and sizes for any sensitive equipment. Provides good protection for contents and does not off gas. The material does not easily degrade so it does not create a foam dust that can get into electronics.

T1000For our smaller cases, we use a cross-linked, polyethylene closed-cell foam. This 1/8 inch 2A-Volara foam is excellent for protecting valuable and delicate equipment as it is chemical and water-resistant.  Polyethylene is made up of many millions of small bubbles that provide both water resistance and a strength and resilience not found in larger, open-cell foams.  Additionally it is resistant to solvents and is antimicrobial; this foam inhibits the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria. It has great durability and provides some cushion from impact.

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