Water Resistant Cases

At S3 Cases we take great pride in the protective nature of every case we offer to our customers. Our products are durable in so many environments that we are often asked if our cases are waterproof or water-resistant. Every one of our protective cases has passed a submersion test to show that they are waterproof, however due to the nature of case usage once they are sold to a customer, we cannot guarantee or warrant contents. Therefore, we claim that all of our protective cases are highly water-resistant; without damaging the seals or plastic they will protect your important gear in wet environments.

Norway1We strongly suggest our customers do their own submersion testing prior to usage in any environment. Human error, debris, and damage from usage can impair our cases’ ability to remain waterproof and watertight. Case seals, when not treated properly by users, can degrade over time and lose their protective nature. Testing your case without your important gear will ensure your case remains dry inside before you take any risk. All of our cases leave our factory in a waterproof state, however.

Protect your valuable and essential gear with our water-resistant and durable cases that have been proven to withstand many extreme environments, even underwater. We take great pride in our protective cases and only offer the highest quality to our customers. Contact us to set up your custom case and we can answer any of your questions about our wonderful products.

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